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Why Loam

Loam takes a holistic approach by combining people, processes, and technology to design intentional and high-purpose environments that support growth. We believe strongly that culture serves as the foundation for your organization to grow and should be treated as a strategic and iterative process aligned with business objectives.


We are primarily focused on helping startups, scaleups, and small businesses on their journey, while also ensuring the people experience and infrastructure is positioned for growth.


For Founders

First, thank you for being passionate enough about your idea to take the risks required to create something innovative and impactful. Bringing a vision to life is no easy feat.

Second, whether you are a first time founder, or a serial entrepreneur, Loam is committed to helping you operationalize your vision. Unless you plan to be a solopreneur, you will most likely need to hire a team. Humans are fundamentally complex creatures and defining your culture and people strategy early on will allow for intentional growth.


For People Leaders

I see you. I hear you. I have been you. Being one of the first members of the people team is a difficult place to be. You are balancing both tactical and strategic work, while also building the entire employee experience from scratch.

Loam would be thrilled to partner with you throughout this journey. Whether you need help partnering on the development of your people strategy, assessing various technologies or need advice navigating complex situations, we are here for you.

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For Finance Leaders

We'll spare you the fluff and get right down to a few numbers.

A mis-hire can cost you up to 30% of an employee's salary. Loam will ensure your team is intentional and focused on making the right hires at the right time.

Lost productivity costs businesses $1.8 trillion every year, according to HubSpot. Loam believes strongly in creating high-purpose cultures that activate team members to do their best work.

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