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Business & People Strategy

No matter your size, having a sound business and people strategy will set you apart from the competition. Often times, these two major components are lacking in startups and scaleups, yet, they are critical to success. Whether you are starting from scratch, or need help refining your strategies, Loam can help.

design a people strategy to support growth


Loam performs initial assessments to better understand current state related to operations, people, and technology. We also work closely with the founders and/or key stakeholders to understand future business growth and objectives.


People Strategy Development

Loam creates a customized people strategy tailored to your current and future state, allowing you to create a high-purpose culture and make data driven decisions.


Organizational Strategy Development

You may not have a comprehensive organization-level strategy or "north star" fully developed and on paper. Loam assists by facilitating company level strategic planning sessions for you, and your key stakeholders. 


Hiring your founding People or Operations Leader

Hiring your very first full-time people or operations person is a huge decision! Fortunately, there are thousands of talented leaders eager for a chance to work with startups. Loam offers recruitment services to help you find your match.

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