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Implementing the infrastructure for certain business and people programs, and technology can be time-consuming. With over 12 years of experience implementing various technologies and developing programs from scratch, Loam has your back!

Fractional support to implement onboarding, talent acquisition, offboarding and other people programs for startups and scaleups..

People & Talent

Loam designs and implements key people programs essential to the employee experience including pre-boarding, onboarding, talent acquisition, success management, internal mobility, and offboarding.


Business Operations

Loam designs and implements key business processes and programs including core operating systems such as company-level strategic planning, goal planning, decision making frameworks, communication norms, universal standard operating procedures, and project management guidelines (to name a few).



Whether you're implementing a new technology, or need assistance optimizing your current tech stack, we absolutely love a streamlined process here at Loam.


Goal Clarity & Success Management

A quick disclaimer, we don't love the term 'performance management' here at Loam. We prefer ensuring that employees have goal clarity and understand how success is defined. 

A lack of goal clarity is the #1 biggest gap that we have encountered when working with startups and scaleups. Loam assists in refining your goal planning process to ensure that teams and individuals understand how their role impacts the mission.

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