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Recommended reading for startups and small companies interested in learning more about people, culture and business strategy.

Patty McCord

Why? Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, shares their journey in creating a culture of freedom and responsibility. Never have I finished a book and immediately turned back to page one to start again. It's an incredibly inspirational, no BS book that makes my heart sing every time I read it.

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Your Next Fives Moves
Patrick Bet-David

Why? Honestly, this should be a required read for all startup Founders. The way Patrick Bet-David discusses a practical approach to strategy had me screaming, "yaasssss boo!"

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Your Next Five Moves


The Culture Code

The Culture Code
Daniel Coyle

Why? Psychological safety, vulnerability and purpose are key foundations for a successful culture. As I was reading this book and reflecting on previous cultures, I had numerous "aha!" moments and fully understood where and why things had gone south. The research Coyle conducted and highlights provides real-world examples versus just data points.

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The Deep
Nick Cutter

Why? This is just a damn good horror story and has nothing to do with people, talent or culture. Reader be warned, this may change your relationship with the ocean.

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The Deep
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