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Culture Clarity Workshops

Culture Clarity is the heart of Loam. By taking time to intentionally map out your culture strategy, you are investing in the ideal people, processes and technologies that will allow growth to take root.

Create culture clarity by investing in the right people, processes and technology to grow your startup and scaleup.


Loam performs initial culture assessments to better understand current state in the areas of people, process and technology.


Culture Clarity Workshops

This consists of three facilitated workshops. These interactive brainstorming sessions are designed to strategically align your culture to your business objectives. These can be done in person, or virtually.


Culture Playbook

The playbook (deck, credo, etc.) is a tangible resource for leaders, employees and candidates. The content serves as the culmination of concepts agreed to in the Clarity Lab.


Culture Roadmap

A playbook and/or operating principles are only as good as how they are integrated into the organization. Loam provides a custom roadmap, recommendations for adoption and works closely with key stakeholders for continuous evaluation.

culture clarity workshop for startups and small businesses
culture clarity workshop for startups and scaleups
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