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Companies doing cool sh*t

Loam has highlighted a number of companies that are doing amazing things in the world of people, talent and culture. Please reach out to these companies directly if you have questions!

Open Org logo
Cocoon logo

OpenOrg is building a transparency-first approach to company-building. Their vision is to ensure "the bridge of trust between talent and companies has finally been repaired. There are zero surprises when you start a new job, and employer brand isn't manufactured, it's authenticated." In partnership with other transparent-first companies they have created an impressive Resource Library.

Cocoon offers leave management software for modern HR teams and automates the complexities of compliance, claims and payroll. Managing parental leave in particular can be challenging in startups. Prior to Cocoon it was difficult to find data in order to remain competitive with parental leave. Cocoon recently made available their 2023 paid leave benchmark report, which provides the average length of parental leave for startups between 5 people all the way up to 1000+. And for all you super data lovers out there, the raw data is also available!

PEOMG logo

PEOMG is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) consultancy firm with a mission to increase the success equation of every small business and enhance the lives of the people who surround them. I can tell you firsthand how difficult it can be to choose the right PEO for your small company or startup. There are many options out there and truly assessing which is right for you, is tough. PEOMG partners with small to mid-sized businesses to help guide them through this process and determine the best option. If you're unfamiliar with PEOs, their blog, Simplying PEOs: 5 Essential Services for Small Businesses + Their Storieswill help get you started.

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